Catholic Church locked up in Bitter Fight over Land

Archbishop John Baptist Odama

Archbishop John Baptist Odama

Gulu Archdiocese faces a tough time as families try to reclaim plots of land that were freely given to the church more than 50 years ago.

The families want the church to vacate the land in question so that they redevelop it.

His Grace, Archbishop John Baptist Odama revealed that the church is battling numerous court cases after it has been dragged to court for illegally occupying private land.

However he declined to reveal where land in question is located saying the matter will be prejudicial since it is before the courts of law.

According to Archbishop Odama, “The grand children of individuals who gave land to the church are demanding to reprocess the land on which churches have been built.”

The Archbishop revealed that descendants are claiming that when their forefathers were giving the land, they were not consulted.

He said, “It is pretty shocking to hear such statements from the young generation. Some of these children were not yet born when their grandparents were offering the land.”

The church urged the politicians to intervene in the matter so that the churches are not torn down by families who are demanding for their expulsion.

Mr Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, the Gulu District LCV Chairman noted that it is not only the church facing this challenge adding that even schools and health facilities have been encroached on by families that are demanding for compensation.

He adds that some of the families are demanding that ownership of the land donated in good gesture many years ago be transferred back to them.