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Land Matters

  • Lakang Residents Tell Ministers To Stop Being Madhivani Brokers Minister Amelia Kyambade addresses local residents in Lakang last Friday

    There was drama on Friday last week in Lakang village in Amuru district when three ministers who had gone to launch the Madivani Sugar Production project, were explicitly told by local residents that they were not welcomed and cautioned them never to return their land, as brokers for the Madivani […]

  • Legislators from Northern Uganda Say Government is Behind Land Conflicts Father Mathew Orach Ssemwanga being blessed by Archbishop John Bapist Odama during his ordination. Photo by David Livingstone Okumu

      Legislators from the Acholi and Lango sub regions have condemned the Ugandan government of inciting and fuelling land conflict in the regions as part of a long term strategy to grab land for investment, citing the most recent clashes in Otuke district and Apaa and Lakang in Amuru districts […]

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